For A Mid Summer Boost

This summer if you are looking for a dress that screams summer and is chic look no further.  You can choose to go streamlined and modern or flirty and full. And with midi’s being a hit you can choose your length too.  Dresses are all the rage right now.  Don’t you need one??

For those that crave comfy but still somewhat streamlined, here ya go.  Oddly, I’m not really a dress person but these have kinda changed my mind! It’s pink, cotton, and sleeveless.  And, 60% off online. Please, what more do you want?

Image of Sleeveless Shirtdress
Pink shirtdress/ Ann Taylor/ $129.00

Another no brainer for summer; a white dress.  Heard of the LWD or little white dress?  It’s becoming as much a staple as the LBD or little black dress.  It doesn’t have to be little but white is a necessity.  So cool and beautiful.  I particularly like this one because it’s not soooo short that tall gals shouldn’t wear it.  Being tall, that’s something I’m always checking!  And, the price is fab!  Check out Zara for some other really great summer dresses.

White eyelet sundress/ $29.99 sale

So, leaf/palm inspired prints are having a huge moment right now.  But this is not one of the dresses I originally wanted to post. They were either terribly pricey or only had one size left.  You can see one of them here.  Then, I happened on this one and I really, really like it.  I had to adjust my thinking from sleeveless and greens to sleeves and blues but after I did that, it turns out this one is pretty perfect.  I love this as it is with flats but can also see it going to a super chic outing in heels.  So cute when the wind catches that hem!

large image view
Reiss leaf poille print dress/$320-$179 sale

So, there ya go. 3 summer dresses to fit different bodies.  If none of these float your boat, than just take the inspiration of the “look”.  A shirtwaist in a different color or a white dress that is more fitted.  Maybe give the leaf pattern a try in a shirt or skirt.  What I want to make sure to convey is that a cool, breezy look for 90 degree days is the look you want.  Dresses are a great way to do that!

Take a look at your wardrobe with a critical eye and make changes if needed.  Markdowns have started big time as you can see from the 3 dresses I’ve shown. Of course, I’m always here to help:)

Thanks so much for reading.  Please share, share, share to your heart’s content (buttons at bottom of post).

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As always, thanks for reading.  Please share and like to your heart’s content:)  And, if you need an even more criti

These 5 Things Just Because


We are in the full swing of summer (can’t believe it) and I have some picks that  will up your game for sure.  Remember, summer is your time to lighten it up, play with fabrics and color, and show a bit of skin.  It’s a good time to find ‘in style’ items at lower costs.  If you can find them, natural fibers are a plus in the summer with silk, cotton, and linen helping to keep you cool plus they look fab!  Look for 100% or blends but remember they might require a little extra care.  Although, some great pieces are man-made material so don’t fret!

Up first, a jumpsuit.  They’ve been hot for a couple of years now and I think they’ll be around for a couple more.  So, so many to choose from but I like this one for the front zipper and it sits a little lower than the exact waist so the backside doesn’t appear so long. And that’s a good thing.

MONROW Jumpsuit in Navy/ $158.00
Monrow Jumpsuit/ $158

The next one is easy.  A tunic.  Effortless and summery the right one can hide flaws and look chic at the same time. This one isn’t made from your usual linen or cotton but from a fabric J McLaughlin based on french swimsuit material. Yep.  Will keep you cool and dry, even with 3/4 sleeves.  J McLaughlin fans love this fabric! Available in store and yes, it’s pricey but this material will go for ages.  And if this one isn’t your cup of whatever, go find one you like.  Now.

Biscayne Tunic/ J McLaughlin/ $175

Have you climbed on the boho (bohemian) wagon yet?  If not, it’s time.  You can’t turn around in the center of Green Hills Mall without seeing this look somewhere.  And, if you wear jeans a lot, it’s a great switch from the everyday tee.  This look is characterized by embroidery, fringe, gauze and cotton, ethnic overtones, and a flowy silhouette.  Don’t pile it on and unless you’re in your 20-30’s stay away from fringe.  And, it’s easy to just incorporate touches.  Love this little top and love the price.

Gimmicks boho top/ Buckle/ $56,95

Stripes.  Stripes for days.  Could live in stripes all the live long day.  They are my all time favorite look for tops. This particular one is woven using Normandy based factory knits. Wearing the right striped top evokes days at the seaside, boat rides, Paris, and sunshine.  Shades, a striped top, slim jeans or skirt, and flat sandals or better yet espadrilles.  Magazine worthy.

St. James Souchy Cotton Tee/ J $89.00

I’m going to go so far as to say if you don’t have a statement white top, out of these 5 it’s the most important for a hot summer.  Please don’t whine about how you don’t look good in white.  Just shhh.  Layer a colorful necklace or scarf to lend color to your face or just appreciate your lovely pale skin paired with white or if you must, buy a cream one. But truthfully, nothing beats a summer white.  I just got mine for this season at Forever 21 in Cool Springs…$16.00 and it’s fab.  It looks simple but the cut is the wow factor. Long with a high side slit…oops, another tunic of sorts.  Sorry for the blurry pic, it’s really very polished looking.  Check out the link.

Longline side slit blouse/ Forever21 Contemporary/$15.90

I think I can say these are my top 5 with maybe 2 or 3 not mentioned.  And the thing is, the right one of most of these could be considered a classic.  With ‘right’ being the operative word:)  So, stay cool, hydrated, and chic.  If you’re having trouble with the 3rd one give me a call.  Hopefully soon I’ll send out my instagram username and then when I find a deal, if you’re following me, you’ll know about it too!  I can even pick it up for you!

As always, thanks for reading, sharing, and liking,



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Yes Virginia, There is a Bathing Suit for You

Thankfully for some, we don’t have to make this possibly hellish decision every year. I am the “2 beach vacays a year if we’re lucky and don’t have a pool handy” type. So, if you’re only in the water a few times a year, your swimsuit can last more than a year for sure.  Probably longer.  But make no mistake; even the well-made suits don’t stand a chance against prolonged sand, sun, chlorine, and sunscreen exposure.  So, a suit worn several days a week is really taking a beating.  More than one is your best bet.  And good care.

I told you weeks ago Land’s End would be your swimsuit friend.  I don’t lie.  The first thing you see on the website is The Swim Finder.  Thank you bathing suit gods.  And to prove LE isn’t just for ladies above a certain age, I give you this striped cutie with decorative embroidery.  Good coverage, extremely stylish, and priced to sell.

Figure 1  Striped Bikini/ Land’s End/ $65

How to be covered, sexy, and on trend?  This number from Miracle Suit.  And you know with a name using the word miracle it’s really going to pull you in! It’s available in the store now.  This is for you lovers of wearing black.  Check out those splices of mesh for a peek of skin.  There are other styles and colors with mesh inset and cut-outs online.  I love these styles as it kicks a one-piece up a notch.

'Jena' One-Piece Swimsuit

Figure 2 ‘Jena’ Miracle Suit/ Nordstrom/ $154

If you happen to be plus size, don’t fret.  Bathing suit shopping is stressful for everyone!  Don’t shy away from certain styles or color.  This lovely pink tankini with top and bottom tummy control is sleek, modern, and available sizes 16-22.  And repeat after me; ruching is my friend, ruching is my friend.  That applies to everyone!  Pieces sold separately…because who really is the same size on the top and bottom??

La Blanca Plus Sweetheart Tankini Top and TummyControl Bottom #Dillards

Figure 3 La Blanca Tankini/ $49-$90

So, this maillot is my choice for most in vogue.  The deep plunge in front and bare back certainly looks like the French Riviera.  Oh la la!  And if you choose to wear a deep vee neck on a swimsuit like this one, take note that a wider piece of fabric covering the bust is much more flattering than a narrow one.  The belt on this one nips the waist in beautifully.  A bit of info; while looking for this style many I found were sold out. To get this in blue, visit here.  Prices vary. Evidently one pieces with flare are hot y’all!

Figure 4 Belted Maillot/ $256/ $179

If you’ve got a swimsuit you’ve got a cover-up, right?  How about thinking outside the box and use a pareo/sarong instead?  They are fabulous!  You can find them in countless prints and colors.  Use them to cover shoulders when you’ve gotten too much sun, as a pillow on your chair, to cover a sleeping baby under the umbrella, and then when the day is done, wrap and tie around your waist or under your arms as a cover-up.  One like this with minimal design will pair nicely with most suit prints.  Or, just go with a solid.  I have 4:) Love ‘em!

Figure 5Floral Batik Sarong/ $13.95

Finally some do’s and don’ts of swimsuit purchasing and wear.  Before hitting the dressing room I tell my clients to primp a bit.  Use a little tanning lotion and work on those feet and nails some. Leave the heavy tennis shoes at home.  The dressing room will seem a little less daunting.  Be prepared to spend a few bucks.  Swimsuits are not cheap, especially if you have to accommodate a large bust or plus sizes.  T J Maxx would be a good source for budget friendly suits.   Also, think of what your day is like by the water.  Are you chasing a two year old or do you swim laps? And finally, be realistic. You’re not a teen anymore so stay away from excessively young looks.  Fit is the most important thing.  Let’s keep those bits and pieces covered up, shall we?

Please contact me with questions or any wardrobe needs.  Stay safe in the sun!

I’m hoping to increase my presence on the web. Please share and like!

Love ya,

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Horse Racing and Pretty Dresses

Horse Racing and Pretty Dresses

“Annnnd they’re off!”

It’s that time of spring again. Race days. Are you the ‘just going for the party’ type, the ‘people watching’ type, or the ‘there for the race’ type? I’m more of the latter two. And if the clothes and horses are pretty then it’s a good day! To me, the clothing options for Steeplechase fall into two broad categories. Fine yet relaxed outdoor attire and informal, relaxed outdoor attire. But of course, rain can throw a big ‘ol kink into it all. As of this writing, Steeplechase folks will have just rosy weather. Pun intended!

So, how about we forgo the traditional and try something with a bit of edge? The colors are lovely, the cut is so right now, and your shoulders and back will get a touch of sun (not too much!) I love this dress with heels but a more casual nude stacked heel or even a cute thong flat sandal would be nice. I actually love this dress, and it comes in solid colors also.

BRIGHT AQUA COMBO Blue - Keelie Printed Waist-Tie Halter Dress
Keelie Tie Waist Dress/ BCBG/ $248

There’s nothing springier, more outdoorsy, or plain fun then an all over floral dress. And can I just say, pockets, pockets, pockets. Keys, phone, a little lip gloss, a few dollars…they all have a place now. Whether you’re at the races, church, or out to dinner, this is a go to dress. The colors are vibrant and the fit and flare silhouette will flatter most everyone. Switch up the footwear for a more casual look. Just so pretty.

Melia Dress/ Anthropologie/ $198

If black and white are your Steeplechase mainstays here is a different take on those colors. Another all over floral but this fades into gauzy black and a handkerchief hem. A racer back is unexpected and will prove cool if the day is hot.  Perfect for the beach also!

Vivid On the Edge Dress - Long, Knit, Floral, Print, Casual, High-Low Hem, White, Black, Tank top (2 thick straps), Racerback
Vivid on the Edge Dress/ $114.99

And then there’s this little item. Ladies, I stand in solidarity; no, you don’t have to pay $150+ to have a great dress. Ya’ll, check out that price! And then, cotton navy eyelet. Need I say more? Next, strapless. Perfect for a sunny day at the park. Slip on your favorite flat or heel and top off with a fab hat. You’re good to go. It’s in stores now.

Lost at Sea Eyelet dress/ Old Navy/ Sale; $22.00!

Let’s be honest, the dresses are secondary. The real focus is what’s on your pretty head. Whether it is a 20 inch wide, pink brimmed hat, a feathered fascinator, or a straw cowboy hat, the millinery will be the focus. After the horses of course! And while this Etsy business says it can ship in one day, you don’t have to order. Most local department stores will have a selection to choose from. Take your dress to get a great match. But this one is pretty great…look at that flower!

Kentucky Derby Hat/ HatPhaestus on $59.95

The Iroquois Steeplechase is a Nashville tradition. It’s our derby and also a time to show your style. And, if you’ve never listened to Dan Fogelburg’s song Run for the Roses, do yourself a favor and watch it here (one of several videos of the song). If you don’t get a bit misty then I might not be able to be your friend!

Please remember to call me for any wardrobe needs. Thanks for reading and please share!
Have fun and stay safe. I’ll see ya there.

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Stepping High

Okay everyone…no, I’m not dead.  Since I’ve been writing for the paper, I’m not doing a good job, or a job at all on keeping this blog up and running.  It’s not that difficult, you’d think I’d do better.  But it is time consuming!  So, here’s Saturday’s article for the paper for those of you that don’t get it, like me:)  I’m going to try to do better to write for both.  I think I can, I think I can.

The other day driving down Hillsboro Rd. with the sunroof open I got a whiff of an unmistakable odor. One I associate with my childhood and being barefoot. Fresh cut grass. Now for all you allergy sufferers I’ll just tell you right now because I know you always have the windows up, there’s no better spring smell. Period. Waking up to that smell was glorious growing up. And speaking of barefoot, that doesn’t happen so much as grown-ups does it? But what does happen can be just as good, even better! Shoes glorious shoes, #canIgetanamen? High heel, sandal, peep-toe, platform, and on it goes.
The ones I’m going to feature aren’t necessarily have to haves but are certainly some I’d seriously consider! And the first one up for your consideration is just such a fun shoe. Great for when a closed toe option is needed and you’ll find them in many colors. They don’t have to be Sperry’s. Keds, Converse Chuck Taylors, Supergas are all good choices but gosh aren’t those little leather ties the cutest? And you can find more colors here.  If these aren’t your game try a driving moc. Still closed toe and there are many colors and styles offered.

Sperry Seacoast Canvas/ Macy’s/ $60



How about dinner in the Gulch? White jeans and that silky top you love. But super high heels are just a bit too much, right? Try a flatform shoe. They are close to the same height platform from heel to toe and some of the most comfortable shoes ever! Try them in suede (yep for summer) and be the coolest chick around.

Flatform Wedge/ J Crew/ $158


If you like to stick with a more traditional style, a stacked heel or a colorful wedge is your non-high heel choice. The colors on this particular one are great and would work with so many outfits. The natural raffia practically screams summer fun, don’t ya think?

Eric Javits Raffia Wedge/ Neiman Marcus Last Call/ $111.30



I can’t think of a happier, springy shoe than a pink high heel sandal. Wear them with a black pencil skirt and an off-white blouse or, dark wash jeans and a white flowy top with the sandals adding a pop of color. But a word of caution when wearing a bright, shiny heel… something this attention grabbing can’t be paired with slinky sequins or too tight, too low pieces. Then you’ll be grabbing attention for a whole other reason. No, these babies need to be kept ladylike for sure. And while fabulous, they aren’t for everyone. So, while pondering your buys for the summer just be sure to add some color. Whether it’s a flat thong in a pretty melon shade or a colorful wedge go for that POP! It’ll add some oomph to a neutral outfit.




Vince Camuto Pink patent platform/ Dillards/ $98

Don’t worry, I get it. Most of these aren’t appropriate for work. I hear ya. Many of you are slipping on cushy flats for the day. And, it’s probably a ballerina type toe. If so, I’d suggest updating to a toe with more of a point. They will lengthen the visual line of a shorter gal and give a more sophisticated vibe. They won’t be as easy to find as the rounded toe but it’s worth the search. Try a neutral or snakeskin print to go with everything.

Steve Madden snakeskin flat/ $69.95



And for a heeled option but still comfy because of a lower heel, spring for a brown pair. This one in patent lizard has a softer feel for spring and summer than black. Sometimes, black can feel a little harsh for summer especially if it’s a closed toe. I like the open feel of this one and the buckle gives it a modern look. And brown will look lovely with grays, navy’s and creams. A great work option.

Brown pump Circa Joan and David Callalily/ $110




Well there’s your brief spring/summer shoe tutorial. Hope you can put it to use. Now, bring on summer!  Please call or email with any style questions or if you’d like to set up an appointment.  Love to hear from ya!

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January Sales….Pretty Doggone Good

So, the article below was in The Tennessean on Saturday.  Evidently, the pants looked peach and the top looked cream.  NOT SO.  The pants are camel and the top a really pale blue-green.  Oh well, better pics will be taken next time!  Enjoy…

Full confession time. There were days over the past month that I was still in my pajama pants at noon. There were days my breakfast was piece of pie. There were days….well, we’ve said enough on that topic, right? Boy is it time to re-assess!
If you’re like me you received a piece of clothing or two as a gift this season. Does it work with other items in your closet? Have you done the “one piece in one piece out” thing? Toss something you no longer wear each time you bring a new piece in is the idea. It’s a good suggestion and will, if not create more space; at least not take up more space. Always a good thing.
As you’re evaluating take a look at your daily routine. Are mornings just the worst trying to decide what to wear to work? Or, is it a Saturday night movie and dinner you don’t have an outfit for? If they haven’t already, retailers are trying hard to clear out for their early spring
and cruise wear merchandise. It may be a good time to find an item you wouldn’t previously have sprung for to fill in the gaps or purchase a work now and later piece.
For instance, this pant would look fabulous now with a slim black turtleneck and pumps or flats (very Jackie O), and in the spring with a navy and white striped tee and a navy blazer. Yes, they are cropped and your ankles will show unless you have on ankle boots and even then just a sliver may be visible. Don’t whine…I know you’re tough deep down. Available at for an extra %40 off. A deal for sure!

J Crew Maddie pant/ $59.00



So, if the term ‘moto’ isn’t in your vocabulary…where have you and Harley been?? And if you don’t have this style jacket in your closet, look no more. Seriously, this would be a fantastic little jacket to spruce up any outfit. It is beyond sharp and definitely a 3 season piece. I like it the way it’s shown here but also can see it with a white blouse, gray trousers, and black pumps for work. At 60% off (told you there were deals) and most sizes still available online it seems like a no brainer. The only thing better would be if it was leather!

Ponte Moto Jacket
Vince Camuto Moto Jacket/ $55.90

Do you know what the Pantone color of the year is? Or is your bigger question who or what is Pantone? FYI, founded in 1963, they are “the world-renowned authority on color and the provider of color systems”. So there. Anyway, the 2015 color of the year is Marsala. Yep, like the wine. Cosmetic companies love it I’m sure. But they also put out a list of fashion colors, one for men and one for women. Topping the women’s list is Aquamarine, although their version isn’t quite what I picture.

So, if you’ve got a holiday gift certificate burning a hole in your pocket or you don’t mind spending full price right now, this blouse is a top pick for me. No, it’s not Marsala (although you might drink some while wearing this) but it is Aquamarine. Don’t you think blouses can just be so lovely? I wish more women chose them to wear casually. It can make such a style impact. Trust me, you’ll feel dressed for any occasion in a silky blouse. This one is new this
season and just the right blue/green shade of “I want it now”.

BR Popover Silk Blouse/ $85

Readers…..cold, dreary January is going nowhere fast so just settle in and embrace it. Hit the mall, your favorite boutique, or the web and rock those sales! Decide which formerly out of your reach piece you “need” and feel good knowing you got it on sale. You’ll thank yourself next winter. Stay warm!

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The Top Five, But Not The Only Five

We all like lists.  Grocery, Christmas, honey-do’s, etc., so in honor of the most list making season we have….here’s another.

My top 5 ( if pushed I’d come up with more) things to complete your fall wardrobe.  If you’ve already got them, well, congrats. You are definitely ahead of the game.

Here we go, in no particular order…
1} Ankle boots.  I know these are not flattering on a small number of women but isn’t that true for a lot of things?  No reason to keep them off the list! These boots, whether they are Chelsea, zip, or have a western vibe, have been the “it” fall and winter shoe for a few years.  So hop on the bandwagon before you get left behind!

2} Splurge on a fabulous sweater this season.  My choice would be cashmere but if you’re not into wool, try a heavy cotton, cable, crewneck fisherman style or opt for a lovely silk cardigan.  Look for something in a color you might not normally wear that’ll brighten up dreary winter days or something you’re certain you’ll be throwing on with jeans for several seasons to come.  Spend on quality.  This one is a fabulous price right now but only smalls left:(

Megaschoni cashmere cowl/ sale $107
Megaschoni cashmere cowl/ sale $107

3} What do you wear running around for outerwear to movies or with jeans to the grocery?  Is it your old sorority sweatshirt?  Is it your hubby’s fleece? Stop. Just stop!  Spend some time at the mall or on the web and find an all purpose jacket you love.  It could be a hip length trench style or a colorful, pea coat that’s a bit heavier.  Finally, when you need that quick-grab coat you’ll have it.  Thank me later.

4} Sometimes all that’s needed to make a look is a fabulous necklace. There are so many to choose from right now it’s crazy.  If that big, colorful rhinestone, J Crew-ish style is one you’ve been putting off buying…do it, they’re fun! I’ve seen several that are long chains with that type design also.  But if that is just over the top in your opinion, then maybe spend some time on Etsy and look for a beautiful handmade piece. Sometimes they’re almost like artwork.  For instance, I saw a gorgeous vintage, turquoise, teak and bone cuff on Etsy for $79.99  If it’s gone, check out my wrist;) This one is similar.  Christmas anyone??

Estate Handmade Brass and Camel Bone Bracelet/ $49.99
Estate Handmade Brass and Camel Bone Bracelet/ $49.99

5} In my job, I see many women whose shoes are, well, for lack of a better word, awful!  Scuffed, ripped leather, eighties square toed, broken strap, and the list goes on.  For all that’s holy take care of your shoes!  They carry you everywhere and are on broad display when you sit and cross your legs!  Okay, over my tantrum. This season, invest in a pair of great flats.  Try a loafer style with some embellishment instead of your normal ballet flat.  Or at least look for an animal print…you’ll love them!  If you add a flat and ankle boot it’ll increase your wardrobe looks dramatically.

So, there ya go….my 5 for this season.  But like I said, in my head are at least 5 more.  Have fun shopping and I hope one or two of these goodies find a home with you!
This was also my first submission to The Tennessean which ran a couple weeks ago.  The next one is this Saturday.  Thanks for reading!! Gift certificates are available for the season, or anytime! Merry Christmas to you all.
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NORDSTROM rack Is Here! Worth The Hype?

So, about 3 weeks ago on a Thursday evening, the Brentwood TJ Maxx/Kroger area became a holy madhouse.  I mean, like, crazy where am I, madhouse.  Why?  This.


I keep wanting to call it no more rack…anyway, yes, it’s here.  Nordstrom Rack.  And let me just say, it better be worth it cause the parking nightmare it has caused in that lot is UN-believable!  I drove for no less than 15 minutes that evening looking for a spot.  I ended up in front of the Corner Pub (is that the name?), last corner spot.  In fact while driving up and down the aisles I became dear friends with women I kept passing….over and over and over.  In fact, we’re going to the beach together next week.  Getting tattoos that say N r.

I should have used these guys.


After showing our RSVP pass, we were greeted with this…..

20141002_171253Excuse the blurriness… but that’s wine they’re holding.  Others were passing out beer, water, and soft drinks.  Well, wine and diet coke for free about did me in.  Forget the clothes.

There was no point whatsoever trying to stay with your shopping buddy (sister in my case).  No, “do you think this is cute?” or “do you see a size 8?”.  In fact, is was a minefield of swinging purses, hangars, bags, and carts.

My first area to survey was the purses.  Saw nothing of interest.  So, I looked for something else to eat or drink.


Oh. My. Goodness.  I’ve never had a “cakepop” in my life….I even think the name is dumb.  No more.  It was the best sugary, cakey, delightful thing I’ve ever tasted.  And, as you can see, I was looking at shoes while eating it so, heaven.

Now here it got interesting.  I found a FAB pair of Sam Edelman booties in black which I need terribly.  Seriously.  The 9 juuuuuust fit.  But, not well enough.  A tiny bit tight.  So frustrating because they were in my price range and just the right heel for work.  And the exact same pair is at Dillards for exactly double the amount.  So, is it a lower quality leather?  Does SE make a cheaper pair for Nordstroms?  I really don’t think so but how they do it I don’t know.   So since the booties didn’t work out I had to pacify myself with these….

my black flats

BCBG and in my budget.  I was a happy girl.  They fit my need for black flats great.  They are comfy and I feel oh so hip!

I knew I wasn’t going to attempt to try anything on, and see this sign…..


that poor girl was moving it farther and farther toward the back of the store.  No way was I standing in that line to checkout.  Luckily they had employees  with the handheld card swipe thing all over the store.  Unfortunately it still took about 20 minutes to checkout but whatever…I wanted those flats.

These friends managed to huddle in the shoe dept. and try on.  (Not trying to disguise their beautiful faces with blurriness, just poor camera skills)

20141002_174910 (1)

And that was my Nordstrom Rack pre-opening experience.  Food and shoes. Since then, I’ve been back and found 3 items on the clearance rack I was pleased with.  A pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans for my daughter, a cream top I’ve worn several times, and a tee.  I also had a client find a couple of items.  Other than that, I’m really sad to say, I’m a bit underwhelmed with the store.  I expected much more merchandise and much higher quality (aside from their small section of designer shoes and a couple high-end clothing brands).  I know Chicago’s store usually has a ton of merchandise so not really sure what’s going on.  The jewelry even looked and felt cheap except for some earrings I saw.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see as it settles into Brentwood.

Below is my final treat upon leaving.  Utterly delicious chocolate chip cookie.  Sugar, wine, diet coke, roast beef thingy, shoe high for sure.  Way to do a grand opening Nordstrom rack!! And one day I’ll tell you about my second visit that resulted in 3 managers standing around me and my foot bleeding.  Fun times.


A bit of business news, I will once again be contributing to The Tennessean’s Daily Crave page.  Hopefully twice a month, maybe more.  I hope you’ll be watching for me!!

Thanks as always for reading.  Stay warm this weekend and CALL ME SOON for appointments:)  Love you all,

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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

It’s a new phenomenon for me.  Not wanting fall to come.  Not looking forward to cooler temps.  Not dying to get my boots out.  Yep, I’ve dug my heels in and have a tight grip on the ever shortening days. For as long as I can remember, September has meant fall colors, my birthday (equaling more fall clothes), shorter days and cooler nights.  I’m not sure what happened but boy am I gonna miss having on shorts at 8 p.m., wearing sandals everywhere, late night trips for ice cream, grilling at 7, my flower pots, and all the other things that come with summer.

And, since fashion revolves around the seasons, we have officially entered that dreaded transitional phase. What to wear in September??? But, being the consummate professional I am, I’m here to make it easy and calm any worries you might have:)

First off, remember my last post?  I said I’d just post it again for Labor Day.  About white after Labor Day.  Just do it.  Turn some heads.  Wear it proudly.  Maybe not white shoes, I think I draw a line there.   But def white jeans and pants.  The top is the crucial factor.  I’m not going to show more pictures, just refer back to the previous post.  It’s doable and cool in sweltering September heat (although how about these cool temps???).

So, what to do the rest of September?  Start the move toward fall, with shades of autumn color and weight of fabric. You want fall tones like deep reds, teal, burnt orange etc. and when the temps dip, certainly bring out your heavier fabrics. For instance, a cashmere caridi over a sleeveless dress is certainly appropriate.  It’s simple!  And for those of you that want specifics for buying….I do have some guidelines for fall.

First and foremost, get all your clothes out…..most of it anyway, and access.  What do you need?  What fits?  Of course, this process probably involves me:)

Main pieces to look for are:

1)  Good fitting jeans, whether boot, skinny or whatever.   And for sure have a dark rinse pair on hand.  Jeans are a bit like bathing suits….sometimes very hard to find the right, best fitting pair.  It can take awhile and is best done with your favorite (me,me,me) stylist:)

2)  Closed toe shoes that you love to wear.  Some shade of brown and black and maybe a color and/or print.  The style below is my new favorite but another choice to be on trend would be a pointy toe flat.  Not so new but an excellent one to pick.

Black snakeskin loafer/ Yosi Samru/ expensive I'm sure:)
Black snakeskin loafer/ Yosi Samra/ expensive I’m sure:)

3) Replenish and stock up on long sleeve tees/tops to wear alone and to layer under sweaters.

4) Evaluate your fall jewelry. Yes, jewelry. That coral and shell necklace won’t get it this fall.  And your other accessories; scarves, gloves, tights, etc.

5) Boots, boots, boots.  Chelsea, knee, flat, stacked heel, ankle….which ever you prefer.  If you’re like me, you’d like one or two of each.  And the difference between a Chelsea and ankle you ask??  A Chelsea has the elastic insert at the ankle and can be slipped on.

Thought I’d show a whole outfit with a pair.  The famous Alexa Chung skipping around London looking like the “it” girl she is!  Don’t hate her for those long skinny legs!

Alexa Chung/
Alexa Chung/

5) Splurge on a sweater you love.  It can be cashmere, heavy fisherman style, a well-made cardigan from a synthetic material (cause some of you are allergic to wool I know!) or any other style you’d kill to wear.  But treat yourself this fall.  It’s really the best way to enjoy a cold October day.  Am I right??  And for some reason I’m coveting a beautiful hand-knit Fair Isle this winter. Like this…..gorgeous!  BTW, they call sweaters like this jumpers in Nordic countries.  Interesting.

Wool and Alpaca Icelandic sweater/ $190.00/ Etsy
Wool and Alpaca Icelandic sweater/ $190.00/ Etsy

Work wear is a whole ‘nother topic!  I’ll tackle that one soon.  Just wanted to get this out there for those of you itching to buy some fall goodies!

I hope you have a great week and please call or email soon for fall appointments.  My days are filling!!  If you are new to my blog and want more info,  click on the HOME button in the top right corner.  It’ll take you to the info and an outdated pic of me!

Thanks so much for reading and shares/ likes are so appreciated,

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White Hot August

So, August is here. Kids are going back to school, pre-season football starts, the stores start displaying darker colors,  even some sweaters, the September InStyle BOOK has arrived, and it’s hard not to feel the itch to start pulling out your fall clothing.  But, here in Tennessee it’s still a sweltering 90 degrees and the lake/pool is probably like bath water.  For me, I love to get in wearing all my whites a few more times.  I know, I know….. you can still wear white after Labor Day and yes, I ride that band wagon.  May even do a post about it, in fact, on September 1st I’ll just say, ‘reread post from August 13th’.  Absolutely you can.  But, by mid September or so, I don’t necessarily want to. Once the calendar reaches my birthday on the 21st, I’m feeling the pull of autumn…for sure.

Right now though, what I love is white and khaki or cream, white and wine reds, white and muted greens or sea blues.  Or even white head to toe.  It’s says….’heck yeah it’s hot, why are you wearing black?’?!

So, following will be a set of pictures.  Just ideas, no specifics on brands and prices.  Just ideas.  To finish out the summer.  In white.  Pretty, cool white.  Looking way more sharp than black:)

I must say, Jane is looking pretty all right here.  This suit looks like it may be just a shade more creamy than true white.  Hard to tell.  Still…beautiful look.


Jane Fonda looking fabulous.
Jane Fonda looking fabulous.

Again, it was hard to tell from the picture but a mini diagonal print in red I believe, with white denim.  Very August into September don’t cha think?  Don’t get hung up on the high-waisted pants!!

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr  (Photo a couple years old)

This is my favorite.  Maybe it’s the skinny white jeans, maybe the black heels, maybe the plaid shirt instantly evoking back to school, could even be the jewelry.  Probably just all of it.  I want it.


Plaid shirt and white skinnies/ Photo courtesy of StyleCarrot
Plaid shirt and white skinnies/ Photo courtesy of StyleCarrot


And this look is all kinds of fabulous!  And I love the bootcut…and the aviators….and the big chunky platforms.  This pic is a couple years old I think but still so good looking.  Classic.

White boot cut denim/denim shirt/photo courtesy
White boot cut denim/denim shirt/photo courtesy

And this photo also shows another classic look.  A silk blouse, in fall shades too!, a-line white skirt, and some attention grabbing heels…don’t love the bag but anyway…it is a fresh, summer into fall outfit.  This pic is also a couple years old but certainly has a timeless feel….and the midi skirt is hot right now!  I’d wear this in a heartbeat.

Vintage silk blouse/ white skirt/ photo courtesy of
Vintage silk blouse/ white skirt/ photo courtesy of

I hope I’ve inspired you to wear your whites all over hot Nashville the rest of the month, because come mid September or so if you’re like me, you’ll want to put them away for a while.  Not that you can’t wear it, I’ll just ready to bring out some new things.

My August is looking kinda slim appointment wise, please call now for fall bookings.  And if you’re looking, summer clothing is pretty picked over at this point in the stores.  There will be some pieces if you dig….which I LOVE to do!

Call or email…would love to catch up.  Thanks for so much reading,

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